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做最好的自己 *汽车和飞机的尾气导致空气污染 *现代科技让富人积累财富更加容易 *电脑科技可以给人们相互交流的机会。 *那些重犯需要被送到监狱服刑。 *学费一直在上涨。 *长时间工作已经成为一种惯例在公司里 *有很多应聘者竞争有限的职位。 *一些国家的人如果犯罪会面临长期服刑。 *一些人认为严厉的惩罚可以减少犯罪 *减税对于那些生活拮据的人有好处。 做最好的自己 精品文档

*The emissions from vehicles and planes can cause air pollution. *Modern technology has allowed rich people to accumulate wealth more easily. *Computer technology gives people opportunities to communicate with each other. *Those serious offenders should be sent to prison. *The tuition fee has been rising. *Working long hours has become a norm in companies. *There are many job applicants competing for limited positions. *People in some countries have to face a long prison term if they commit crimes. *Some people argue that harsh punishments can help deter crime. *Tax reductions are beneficial to those who live on a tight budget. 精品文档



Participating in sports frequently can boost people's confidence, which is important not

经常参加体育活动能够提高人们的自信心,这only to the youth but also to the elderly.


The quality of teaching can make a huge difference to students’ academic

教学的质量被认为是决定学生成绩的关键,因performance. and therefore, parents prefer to 此,家长喜欢为孩子选择名校。 choose prestigious schools for children.

家长和老师应该努力去减少孩子看电视的时间,这样会保护孩子的视力,鼓 励他们做户外运动。

Parents and teachers should make an effort to limit children's screen time, thereby protecting children's eyesight and encouraging them to do more outdoor activities.

Economic slowdown has led to a climbing unemployment rate, as people balk at

starting up new businesses and a number of

经济下滑已经导致失业率上升,因为人们对开giant companies downsize their workforce.

展新失业犹豫不决,而且很多 大公司裁员

一个国家的经济发展依靠一定量的年轻劳动力,但是问题是老龄化的社会对 劳动力有负面影响。

A country's economic development relies on a supply of young workers, but the problem is that the aging society has an adverse impact on the labour force.

People with a heavy workload do not have adequate time to rest, which can be harmful to their fitness.

A large number of students in China have to

工作很多的人没有足够的时间去休息和充电,do self-study at night, so extra-curricular 这样对他们的健康有害。 activities have to give way to studies.


The development of cities has posed a threat to heritage sites, but the government has no idea whether to protect or demolish these constructions.

Internet can enrich our social lives, but we impact on social relationships.

城市的发展已经威胁到历史遗迹,但是政府还should not ignore face-to-face

没有办法是否去保护还是毁坏 这些建筑。 communication, because this has a direct


视面对面的交流因为它对社会 关系有直接影Some public services have problems in

breaking even and need government funds.





做最好的自己 11-20 We have to consider the social and economic context when analysing the root causes of 当分析青少年犯罪的根本原因的时候,我们应juvenile delinquency. 该考虑社会和经济环境。 Intensive farming has a great impact on natural flora and can pose a threat to bio-密集种植对天然植物有严重的负面影响,这可diversity. 能对农业的可持续发展有威胁。 Intensive farming has a seriously negative impact on natural flora, and this may pose a threat to sustainable development of 当地政府应该保证平等教育,这样能够帮助落agriculture. 后学生去解决学习的落后。 接触不同的文化能够促进创新,这是企业或者国家的财富。 一些人认为政府重视社会福利,尤其是医疗服Exposure to different cultures can encourage creativity, which is an asset for enterprises 务,这会帮助阻止弱势群体无 助地死去。 or countries. Local authorities should ensure equal access to education, which can help tackle educational underachievement, a problem found among disadvantaged children 教育或许决定了人的工作机会,特别是那些打some people suggest that the government 算找高科技产业工作的人。 should give priority to welfare services, 使用化石资源对环境会造成破坏,因为可能它产生空气污染。 especially the healthcare, which helps stop the disadvantaged population dying needlessly. 住宅楼由于其能最大限度地利用土地和空间,Education may hold the key to one’s job prospect, especially when people intend to 所以有助于解决城市的拥挤问 题。 find jobs in the hi-tech industry. 贫穷的人可以通过努力工作来提高社会地位,The use of fossil fuels can cause damage to 这看起来是一个辛苦但有效的 过程。 the environment, possibly because it creates air pollution. 因为全球化,人们需要和来自不同背景的人工Apartment blocks, which make the most of 作。 land and space, help solve overcrowding in cities. People from disadvantaged backgrounds can improve their social status by working hard and this seems an arduous but rewarding process. Because of globalization, people need to work with those from diverse backgrounds. 做最好的自己 精品文档




We need to take action to solve some intractable problems.

The media attracts public attention by

媒体通过夸大受害者的伤痛去吸引观众,而忽sensationalizing victims’ suffering, while

ignoring harmful consequences to these

视对这些观众的有害结果,比 如将他们在公individuals, such as their exposure to the 众面前曝光。 public.

基因工程使人们能培育出抗旱的农作物品种,Genetic engineering allows people to

nurture crop varieties that are resistant to 因此可以提高土地利用率。

drought, thereby improving land





Doing exercise regularly helps people maintain a healthy state of mind and makes it easier for them to cope with stress. An unhealthy lifestyle may put people at risk of illness.

Government grants could encourage more students to take postgraduate courses.

社区服务给犯人提供获得实用技能的机会,给他们好的起点当他们被释放后。 Community service provides offenders with 法律应该将醉驾变成刑事犯罪

opportunities to acquire transferable skills

and gives them a flying start when they are released. criminal offence.


Legislation should make drink driving a

供机会去远离现代生活的压力 和噪音。

人口老龄化导致高级技术工人的短缺,这个问Rural areas are beneficial to people's 题已经促使国家提高了法定退 休年龄。 health, providing people with opportunities

to escape pressure and noises of modern life. The aging population leads to a shortage of highly skilled workers, a problem which has prompted countries to raise the statutory retirement age



做最好的自己 31-40 Governments should offer some cities funds to preserve historic buildings, which are 政府提供一些城市很多资金去保护历史建筑 part of our cultural heritage. ,那些建筑具有历史传承意义。 学校应该允许老师强制捣蛋的小孩离开教室。 农村失业问题的主要原因是缺少基础建设和政府资助,这个问题在某种程度 可以通过城乡转移解决。 高层建筑有时候被认为是城市的 eyesore。 政府应该支持对太空科技的投资因为这些科技的商业化会带来更多的商业机 会,提高人们的生活水平。 历史文物因为它的历史重要性而被保存 学校活动的设置要能让孩子体会到成就感和提升他们的幸福 现在公司喜欢能够打破常规的员工。 因为堵车上下班时间变得更长。 学生们可以获得电脑技术,这些技术可以应用在他们的学习和工作中。 Teachers should be permitted to use force to remove disruptive children from the classroom. The lack of infrastructure and government funding in rural areas is the main cause of unemployment, which can be addressed partially by the rural-to-urban shift. High-rise buildings are sometimes regarded as eyesores of the city. The investment in space technology should be supported by the government because the commercialization of such technology will bring more business opportunities and improve people's living standards. Historic relics should be preserved for their historical significance. Sports and other school activities can be designed to give children a sense of accomplishment and to promote their well-being. Nowadays, companies prefer those employees who can break the mould. Commuting time has been prolonged because of traffic congestion. Students can acquire computer skills which can be applied in their studies as well as their working lives. 做最好的自己